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New product showcase: new manure spreaders and an in-line wrapper
Posted On: November 19, 2022

KUHN recently introduced new larger spreader models, extending the popular ProPush® line for commercial producers and custom operators.

The new KUHN Knight HP 170 M and HPX 195 ProPush® high-capacity, commercial hydraulic push spreaderThe new KUHN Knight HP 170 M and HPX 195 ProPush® high-capacity, commercial hydraulic push spreaders provide large operations and custom operators with reliable, heavy-duty machines designed for high usage. The HP 170 M, with a heaped capacity of 700 ft³, and the HPX 195, with a heaped capacity of 950 ft³, are designed for agricultural and commercial applications that haul a wide array of semi-solid and solid materials, including gutter manure, yard scrapings, bedding pack and feedlot manure. 

The hydraulic push-type design means no apron chains, fewer moving parts and dependable service life.

New to the ProPush family is the moving floor design. The moving floor allows these new models to have a greater capacity without sacrificing overall length or loading height. All-steel welded frames provide a solid foundation for the spreader sides and floor. 

Heavy-duty VertiSpread® vertical beaters provide a wide, 25’-30’ spread pattern at rates ranging from 5-30 tons/acre. Both models come standard with 5/8” flighting and hardened beater teeth to ensure superior strength and durability of beaters in heavy-use conditions. 

Save on fertilizer costs by combining your spreader with an optional scale system to monitor application quantities and take maximum advantage of the nutrient value of your manure. 

KUHN OWR 6000 inline round bale wrapperAlso new to the KUHN lineup, the KUHN OWR 6000 inline round bale wrapper offers exceptional wrapping productivity, while minimizing film and fuel use. This inline wrapper is designed for demanding farmers and custom operators looking for maximum productivity and profitability in a wrapper. The OWR 6000 quickly wraps round bales of various size, including 4- and 5-foot wide bales up to 6 feet in diameter.

The OWR 6000 leverages KUHN’s 35 years of experience with individual wrappers by utilizing the same pre-stretchers with an industry leading 70% plastic stretch ratio. This higher stretch ratio provides more efficient plastic utilization and better bale compression reducing plastic cost per bale.

Greater management and control of the wrapping process can be achieved by our unique IntelliWrap™ technology. IntelliWrap uses sophisticated electronics and hydraulics to control the wrapping process and allows the operator to easily adjust film layers by one-layer increments. The BaleEye photoelectric sensor accurately and reliably detects a bale on the loading platform with no mechanical moving parts, unlike competitive mechanical sensors.


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