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Scholarship Procedures & Criteria
  1. Scholarships Awarded: Three scholarships will be funded on an annual basis from the Wisconsin Custom Operators (WCO) general fund. Two scholarships will be awarded to applicants who plan to enter post-secondary education as freshman the next scholastic year. The remaining scholarship will be awarded to a student continuing their post-secondary education the next scholastic year.
  2. Scholarship Amount: The total amount of scholarships funded by the WCO general fund will be determined by the WCO board prior to the posting the application in the spring. The total funds will be split equally between the three recipients. The minimum scholarship amount will be $3000 – i.e. three scholarships at $1000 each. One $1500 memorial scholarship (honoring Robert Hoerth, Hoerthland Custom Services) will be awarded at the discretion of the scholarship committee to the most deserving candidate.
  3. Selection Criteria: Selection will be based on leadership and civic activities, high school or post-secondary scholastic achievement, work and volunteer activities specifically related to production agriculture, and an essay that provides a vision for the applicant's educational and vocational future. Preference will be given to students who have not previously received a WCO Scholarship.
  4. Eligibility:
    • Applicants may have direct family ties to a current member of WCO (excluding corporate members) or to an employee of a WCO member. Applicants may also be a member themselves.
    • A WCO member (excluding corporate members) may sponsor one scholarship applicant per year who does not meet the above criteria. To be considered for a scholarship, the application must include a direct correspondence to the scholarship committee from the WCO sponsoring member indicating they are sponsoring the candidate.
    • An application from a family member of an employee must include a letter or e-mail from the WCO member to confirm employment with the WCO member.
    • Applications would also be considered if the applicant was directly related (son or daughter) to a deceased WCO member. Deceased member must have been a regular member within the last two years of their death for the application to be considered.
    • Applicants who are planning to further their education at either a university or technical school are eligible.
  5. Application Process: Applicants must download and complete the scholarship application form that is found towards the bottom of the page.
  6. Timing: Applications must be submitted to the Chair of the WCO Scholarship Committee and are due on May 1st. The WCO Scholarship Committee will be comprised of at least three board members. The committee as a whole will review applicants in June and contact the scholarship recipients in July.
  7. Award Presentation: The award will be given to the recipients at the annual WCO meeting in January or February.
  8. Fund Disbursement: Funds will be made available at the end of the fall semester. Winners must provide a transcript to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee showing that they have attained a 2.5 GPA (on a 4.00 scale) during that semester. The WCO Board Treasurer will mail a check to the student if this criterion is met.

Mail or email application to:
Wisconsin Custom Operators
PO Box 567
Deforest, WI 53532

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