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COVID-19 Information
Posted On: March 26, 2020

WCO is a small association dedicated to the success, health and wellbeing of our members and your employees. We leverage partnerships with other ag organizations to bring you the best information available on issues that matter to you. 

We will be posting updates to our social media channels and website as they are available. 

Milk disposal

If you or your clients have been asked to dispose of milk by your processor, please keep in mind the guidance that was issued by DNR and DATCP regarding this. CAFO farms should reach out to their field staff or Chris Clayton at DNR to make them aware of the situation and with any compliance questions. Mr. Clayton can be reached at (608) 333-9265 or via email at Christopherr.Clayton@Wisconsin.gov. Non-CAFO farms have much more flexibility when it comes to disposal thanks to an executive order by Gov. Tony Evers that exempts many of them from NR 151 requirements, at least for the emergency land application of milk. Still, non-CAFO farms should contact Lacey Cochart at DATCP to confirm they are complying with all necessary regulations. Ms. Cochart can be reached at (608) 224-4603 or via email at Lacey.Cochart@Wisconsin.gov.

Considerations for landspreading milk webinar (from UW-Madison, Division of Extension)

Considerations when landspreading milk or manure/milk mixtures handout (from UW-Madison, Division of Extension)‚Äč

For kids at home (courtesy of Dairy Girl Network):

Video message to farm employees about essential work

A state government order took effect today that requires non-essential businesses to close and residents to stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19. The order, however, exempts a number of businesses and workers deemed essential, including farms and their employees. In partnership with DBA member Motiva Consulting, we are providing this Spanish-language video message for employees. Click here to see the full list of exempt businesses in Wisconsin.

Governor: Work travel permits unnecessary

Some farmers are providing workers with letters to permit employees to freely travel to and from work. Gov. Tony Evers has clarified that such a document is not required. Still, for those workers who would feel better having a letter, here is a template. Please know there is no standard format, so farmers who have already created a document should feel free to continue using it.

Guide for dairy farm employers 

During this public health crisis, dairy farmers have a lot to consider about protecting their employees and businesses. DBA has assembled this guide to help. This document covers topics such as workplace safety, farm visitors and employee screening.

More resources from dairy partners

The Dairy Business Association has partnered with the Center for Dairy Research, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association to create a central webpage that houses a variety of resources for farmers, processors and customers. We are proud to work alongside our industry partners to maintain a strong and secure food supply.



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