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Outstanding Employee of the Year Award
Procedures and Criteria
Approved - January 2016
Due December 1

The objective of this award is to recognize a WCO member employee who has demonstrated and contributed to the safe, efficient and profitable operation of a WCO member enterprise.


The goal of this award is to recognize an employee who has made significant contributions in safety, efficiency, customer satisfaction, environmental stewardship and profitability of a custom farming or custom harvest operation. This award is particularly focused on acknowledging and recognizing member employee contributions that are beyond the normal job expectations.


All employees, both full-time and part-time, of a WCO member are eligible to participate in the annual award selection process. The employee must have been employed by a WCO member during the last calendar year prior to the award year.

Nominations are to be made by a WCO member using the Outstanding Employee of the Year Nomination form found on the WCO website (www.wiscustomoperators.org).  

Submission & Selection Process

Nominations must be submitted by email to info@wiscustomoperators.org or by mail to WCO: PO Box 567, DeForest, WI 53532 by December 1st. The WCO Scholarship and Awards Committee will be comprised of at least three Board members. The Committee as a whole will review applicants in December and contact the recipient by January 1st.

Selection Criteria

WCO member employees are to be nominated for the award in a written narrative by any WCO member. It is expected that the nominee should meet at least three out of the five criteria listed below.


The nominee demonstrates an above average knowledge of their job responsibilities and delivers job performance and services well beyond the expected norm. Examples of how the nominee acknowledges and takes pride in ownership of the day-to-day operation of the business should be provided.

Customer Focus:

The nominee consistently recognizes and meets the needs and requirements of the customer. The nominee should demonstrate professionalism when dealing with the customer, being mindful of how his or her attitude and actions are perceived. Examples of how the nominee exceeded customer expectations should be provided.

Safety: The nominee consistently uses safe practices during the execution of his or her assignments. Examples of safety improvements suggested and developed by the nominee are appropriate.  

Teamwork: The nominee should consistently demonstrate the spirit of teamwork by offering support to fellow employees so that a collective effort is made in accomplishing the business objectives. The nominee should consistently demonstrate a positive approach in interacting with fellow employees and customers.


The nominee has developed an original idea or suggestion that has a positive effect on the business; particularly innovations that improved the safety, efficiency or profitability of the business operation.


A single award will be given each year and will be presented at the WCO Annual Meeting in January. In addition to a plaque honoring the employee, the winner will receive a check for $750. The WCO member making the nomination will receive an award of $250.

Mail or email application to:
Wisconsin Custom Operators
PO Box 567
Deforest, WI 53532
Download Nomination Form


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