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The Wisconsin Custom Operators is an organization comprised of individuals throughout the state who derive their income in whole or part from providing custom farming services. These services include: forage harvesting (alfalfa and corn silage), forage bagging, baling, tillage, planting, combining, trucking, manure handling, spraying, among other services.

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General Information
Contact: Lucas Vander Kinter or Brian Vander Kinter
Phone: 920-375-0569
Cell-Phone: 920-371-3024
Email: lukev3024@gmail.com
Location (Closest town to center of operational area): Green Bay, WI
Service Area (Miles from home): 100
Tillage: Primary, Finish, Chisel, Disk, Subsoil
Planting: 15" Planter, 30" Planter, Corn, Soybeans
Haylage: Mow/Condition, Merge, Chopper (SP), Trucks, Wagons, Packing, Upright Silos, wide swath mowing
Baling: Hauling
Corn Silage: Chopper (SP), Kernal Processor, Trucks, Wagons, Packing, Upright Silos
Manure: Spreader, Trucks, Injection, Hoseline, Pumps, Agitators
P.O. Box 567
De Forest, WI 53532