About Us

The Wisconsin Custom Operators is an organization comprised of individuals throughout the state who derive their income in whole or part from providing custom farming services. These services include: forage harvesting (alfalfa and corn silage), forage bagging, baling, tillage, planting, combining, trucking, manure handling, spraying, among other services.

Board of Directors

Bryce O'Leary

SE District - 2021-2
5903 W Tripp Rd
Janesville, WI 53548
Cell: 608-436-2843

Ray Liska
Vice President

At Large Director - 2020-1
S2045 Cty Rd U
Cochrane, WI 54622
Cell: 608-606-2735

Josh Bartholomew

Corporate Rep - 2020 - 1
100 Bean St
Clear Lake, WI 54005
Cell: 203-982-6101

Chuck Rabitz

Corporate Rep. - 2019-1
117 Business 141 S.
Coleman, WI 54112
Cell: 920-676-6474

Bill Arneson

At Large Director - 2019-1
5338 Hwy HH
Barneveld, WI 53507
Cell: 608-574-7874

Matt Digman

Honorary Rep
UW-River Falls
Agricultural Engineering Annex
Agricultural Science Building
410 S. 3rd Street
River Falls, WI 54022
Cell: 608-616-0007

Kevin J. Shinners

Honorary Rep.
232 B Ag Engineer Bldg | 460 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706
Cell: 608-263-0756

Maria Woldt
Executive Director

Cell: 608-577-4345

Derek Ducat

North Region - 2020 -1
E2029 Hwy J
Kewaunee. WI 54216
Cell: 920-493-0458

Bill Smith

SW District – 2021-1
14299 Oak Grove Lane
Darlington, WI 53530
Cell: 608-482-0745

Brian Luck

Honorary Rep
Agricultural Engineering Bldg
460 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706
Office: (608) 890-1861

Our Committees

Education/Conference Committee

The Education/Conference Committee plans and executes WCO educational seminars annual conference activities.

Co-Chair: Bryce O'Leary
Email: boleary@localnet.com
Phone: 608-436-2843 (mobile)

Co-Chair: Josh Harkenrider
Email: joshua.harkenrider@newholland.com
Phone: 608-293-0430 (mobile)

Co-Chair: Kathy Vander Kinter
Email: kvanderkinter@gmail.com
Phone: 920-375-0569 (mobile)


  • Daryll Manthe
  • Matt Digman
  • Troy Meyer
  • Bill Arneson
  • Taylor Weisensel
  • Adam Danzinger 
  • Tony Vande Yacht 
  • Roc Bernier
  • Tim Meister
  • Jeff VanOosten
  • Michelle Windle
  • Colin Skoronski
  • Bill Levers
  • Brian Luck

Scholarship & Awards Committee

The Scholarship Committee manages the WCO Scholarship Awards and professional development grant programs/opportunities as they arise.

Chair: Kevin Shinners
Email: kjshinne@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-263-0756 (office)


  • Adam Danzinger
  • Troy Meyer
  • Matt Digman
  • Jim Kappel
  • Josh Harkenrider
  • Josh Bartholomew

Executive Committee

The officers President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer constitute the Executive committee. The Executive committee has the authority to conduct routine business during the interim between meetings of the Board of Directors.

Chair: Bryce O'Leary
Email: boleary@localnet.com
Phone: 608-436-2843 (mobile)


  • Josh Bartholomew
  • Chuck Rabitz
  • Ray Liska

Safety/Regulations Committee

The Safety and Regulations Committee plans and executes all events related to safety education. The committee also disseminates information to members related to regulations that impact custom farming.

Chair: Bill Arneson
Email: Tanks55@hotmail.com
Phone: 608-574-7874 (mobile)


  • Bob Hoerth
  • Kathy Vander Kinter
  • Cole Olson
  • Cheryl Skjolaas
  • Derek Ducat
  • Bryce O'Leary
  • Bill Smith
  • Brian Luck

Newsletter/Media Committee

The Newsletter and Media Committee is responsible for several critical areas including newsletter, website, media relations, sponsorship, general communications and the WCO brand.

Chair: Josh Bartholomew
Email: jbartholomew@oxbocorp.com    
Phone: 203-982-6101 (mobile)


  • Bob Hoerth
  • Fae Holin
  • Bill Arneson
  • Bryce O'Leary

Special Projects Committee

The Special Projects Committee manages projects that are administrative in nature, unique or one-time opportunities. The committee works in consultation with the President and the rest of the board.

Chair: Matt Digman
Email: matthew.digman@gmail.com
Phone: 608-616-0007 (mobile)


  • Kathy VanderKinter
  • Cole Olson
  • Troy Meyer
  • Josh Harkenrider
  • Richie Magnuson
  • Bob Hoerth

Nomination/Recruitment Committee

The Nominating and Recruitment Committee is responsible for selecting one nominee for each vacant position on the Board of Directors. The committee is also responsible for membership.

Chair: Ray Liska
Email: rj_liska@hotmail.com
Phone: 608-606-2735 (mobile)


  • Jim Kappel
  • Troy Meyer
  • Kathy Vander Kinter
  • Bryce O'Leary
P.O. Box 567
De Forest, WI 53532